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Our Relationships with Animals

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

What would happen if animals could share with us what they’re thinking and how they’re feeling? Would they have awareness about themselves and the world they live in? Would a chicken, a dog, a horse, an elephant, or a whale understand who we are? Who they are? Would they know how we impact each other? Would they have anything to say about how we, humans, impact them?

All human beings have intuitive abilities, through which we can actually “tune into” the energy of any living being on the planet, connect with them, and exchange information with them. Some call this phenomenon “intuitive interspecies communication” or "animal communication." If we learn how to develop and cultivate our intuitive skills, we can use our senses to exchange thoughts, ideas and feelings with animals. Many of us actually do this on a regular basis and aren’t even aware of it. We can communicate with the companion animals we share our lives with, animals we see in zoos and aquariums, service and work animals, and animals in the wild.

We can even communicate with the animals we consume. Wouldn’t it be interesting to learn how the animals that we eat or use for their by-products, feel about being consumed by us? Well, here is the answer.

Animals are compassionate, loving beings that are happy to sacrifice their livelihood for us, or any other animal that has consumed them. They understand the circle of life, the food chain, and survival of the fittest. Sure, in the wild, you will see them run from their predators. Those are their survival instincts and flight or fight responses kicking in, doing what they need to in order to survive. However, ultimately, they are aware that by their dying, they can provide nourishment and sustenance to another living being. And with this understanding, they accept and appreciate being consumed for our needs.

At the same time, however, animals also have the understanding and collective awareness about exploitation. They are aware that we humans have created a world where we often take and consume more than we need – more than what the natural world can offer. We have developed systems to manipulate and modify the natural ways of existence to get more. And it is in this process, that we have become very disconnected from them. Unfortunately, most humans are complacent to the practices and processes that bring food to our plates. Most of us are not aware of how we, humans, treat these animals, who are born, bred, and killed in captivity – sometimes under very distressing conditions. While we may not truly understand or be aware of this, they are.

So, while they understand and appreciate the circle of life, and they have tremendous love and compassion for us, they know we can do better.

They know that we can have more gratitude and humility about what we take and consume. They know that we can take better care of them. They know that we humans have the knowledge, the skills, the resources and the compassion to take better care of the planet, and all its beings that allow us to thrive.

I believe we can become more aware and more conscious consumers. I ask that each of us pay attention to where our food is coming from and to consider how the animals were treated and how they felt before they came into our lives. I ask that each of us become more mindful and give more gratitude for all the beings that were once alive – thinking, feeling, experiencing – and are now providing us with the food that we need to and desire to eat.

Can you acknowledge, appreciate and be more mindful of what, or whom, rather, you are consuming? Can you think about them as beings – individual beings that are grateful that they could help you survive and thrive? And in return, can you have more grace and gratitude for their existence?

Your thoughts, your feelings, and your intentions matter. I believe that your appreciation and gratitude will be received by them through your innate intuitive abilities as a human being. And even if they’re not, you lose nothing by living with more mindfulness and gratitude. If anything, research shows that living with mindfulness and gratitude can help us live happier, healthier lives. So, while it may take an extra few moments of your day to put this into practice, remember that all the animals in your life, in whatever capacity they exist, are connected to you and you are connected to them.

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