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Episode 1

Introducing Ourselves and Why We Created This Podcast, with Barbara & Avantika, your Podcast Hosts

In this first episode, we invite you to get to know us as we embark on an amazing journey into the inner life of animals and nature. Both of us, Avantika and Barbara, are extremely passionate about this topic and we are more than excited to introduce you to the world we care so much about: the world of animals, nature and our beloved Mother Earth.

We will talk about our own personal backgrounds and how we came to know one another and then enter into the creation of this podcast. And we will let you know what's ahead: our future guests, topics we will discuss, and what you might learn from joining us on this podcast.

Our greatest hope is that we will become a community of like-hearted, like-minded souls and together we can change the way human beings perceive all living beings. We are extremely excited to have you join us on this incredible journey. Thank you for your attention, your love and your curiosity.

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